Offsite Storage

Offsite Storage

Smart Storage is Smarter Than Your Average Offsite Storage Provider!

Don’t have enough room for those dusty archive boxes or having problems with your current offsite storage or records management provider?

Smart Storage Melbourne can help!

We offer a range of innovative file storage and records management products that help you deal with your archival mess with fast and friendly service to suit your needs.


How Offsite Storage Works


Never lose track of your boxes and files with our barcodes and sturdy archive boxes to track from creation to destruction.


Your documents are collected, traced and transferred quickly and confidentially to our secure offsite warehouse.


Our secure facility in Braeside has high level security, fire protection systems and controlled access only to employees.


Your files are available 24/7. Just contact our team to retrieve your documents and schedule a delivery.


We use accredited destruction facilities to shred your documents and can supply onsite shredding bins for you.

Our Offsite Services

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We understand that storing your documents means more than simply putting a box on a shelf. From creation to destruction, we can help you efficiently manage your documents.

We consult with you to discover and understand the flow of information within your organisation, streamline your processes and suggest an optimal and cost-effective solution. This includes creating policies and procedures in-line with various ATO and industry archival retention standards.

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Data Capture,
Sort & Cull

Our team of qualified and experienced archivists just love to sort, classify, cull and index your important information.

From simply capturing names, matter numbers or financial year information to complex sentencing procedures we are capable of quickly and cost effectively creating an index of your documents.

Alternatively, we are happy for you to undertake this process, and can provide materials and pro-forma templates to help you on your way.

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Storage In
The Vault

Sometimes documents are so sensitive that they require an extra layer of security.

While our document storage facility is extremely secure, our vault provides an extra layer of protection to your important documents and data. This includes 4-hour fire rating, combination access and separate control mechanisms.

Examples of the types of items our customers store include deeds, insurance policies and magnetic backup tapes.

Compliance Consulting

The unfortunate reality of running any business is that large amounts of information HAVE to be kept ensuring compliance with a mind-boggling array of legislated record keeping standards. These standards are often lengthy and complicated, particularity if your business has exposure the health, defence, food or education industries.

Our experienced staff are capable in developing your own organisational retention policy which integrates the various compliance standards applicable to your industry. This cornerstone document will help to shape all other aspects of your organisation’s records management policies and procedures.

From the initial in-depth discovery process to the publication of your customised retention schedule, we ensure engagement at departmental level; this is crucial for ensuring the adherence to the schedule, and more broadly compliance within your organisation.

Want to learn more? Give us a call to arrange a free 30-minute phone consultation to see how we can help!

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